33 Magical Melanin Inventors

  • 33 Magical Melanin Inventors

33 Magical Melanin Inventors


Teach Your Kids That the Colour of Their Skin Can’t Stop Them From Being Amazing - Learn About Amazing Inventors to Promote Diversity, Self-Love, and Compassion for Others

From a young age, it’s good to expose your children to how diverse the world is.

It’s been proven that Black children grow up feeling more insecure than other children.

Showing your child that they are capable of anything no matter what the colour of their skin is, or where they’re from is the first step to raising them with a healthy self-image.

With this children’s book written with children of African heritage in mind, have your child learn about amazing inventors who are people of colour just like them!

These inventors are often hidden, when in fact, many of them shaped the world we live in today.

When we teach our children about these amazing black inventors, it shifts the way they see themselves and encourages them to unlock their full potential.

In this A5 sized book, your child will discover:

  • Compassion and respect for others: Allow your children to discover the inventions from people of African heritage and have them see other people of colour with just as much respect and honor. Start teaching them valuable life lessons from a young age and solidify them as they grow older!
  • Important Black history: Have them discover inventors that are never really talked about! Bring more awareness, boost your children’s self-confidence, and make them feel empowered by seeing themselves in greatness.
  • Perfect for any child: No matter the age or heritage of your child, have them learn about how much of the world today was innovated by people of African descent! Introduce your child to the diversity of the world.
  • Priceless history and science: Everything is explained in child-friendly terms to ensure that they digest all the new information they’re learning! Encourage their curiosity and teach them new things while bringing attention to priceless Black history.

Welcome to the perfect child-friendly introduction to concepts like diversity and inclusion. Make reading time with your children extra special and informative!

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