With the rise of movements such as 'BLACK GIRLS ROCK' & 'BLACK GIRL MAGIC' it felt like societal standards of beauty and views on Black Women were moving in a positive direction. However, like many people, we were shocked to see viral videos of young Black Girls still BATTLING INSECURITIES. The influence of social media has made self-worth harder to embrace. Though digital platforms can be extremely positive, they can also help reinforce societal standards of beauty, leaving our young Black Girls to continue to struggle with SELF-LOVE & SELF-CONFIDENCE

As we scroll through our social media accounts, it's easy to find reminders of our own painful memories and experiences as young Black Girls. Society made us feel UNDER-VALUED, UNDER-LOVED & UNDER-APPRECIATED, and here we are in 2020 and beyond, it's still the same narrative, just a different generation. 

Our founder, Lauren McLean, has made it her MISSION to ensure Black Girls feel loved, have self-confidence, and high self-esteem so they can reach their full potential from a YOUNG AGE

“I want them to be able to freely express their needs and become the best version of themselves. That’s when I came up with the idea of MELANIN MAGIC CLUB. “ Lauren

Our gift sets, activity books and branded goods consist of fun games and activities for girls aged between 4-9. Ensuring we have a positive impact as we diversify children's learning and play, are goal is that children of all races will find joy and education from our brand.