How Children Develop

The crucial child development and programming years are between 0-8 years old. After the child has passed 8 years old, their thoughts and feelings about how they interpret themselves and their environment become hardwired. As they grow older it becomes INCREASINGLY CHALLENGING TO CHANGE ANY NEGATIVE BELIEFS that they developed during the ages of 0-8. Our children will spend most of their time in the Alpha and Theta brainwave cycles. In the Alpha brainwave cycle around the ages of 5-8 children start to interpret and draw conclusions from their environment.

Continuously seeing images of beauty and success that do not reflect their own image/race, black women and children can internalise this with self-doubt and develop a negative self image. These ideas become their subconscious beliefs.

NEW RESEARCH from the UCL Institute of Education and the University of Liverpool found that 24% of girls are clinically depressed by the time they turn 14, compared to 9% of boys.


Our activity books & games are specifically designed to tackle this crisis. Research shows that children will identify immediately when presented with new information. Our aim is to provide black girls with access to tools and materials that positively develop their SELF-ESTEEM, SELF-WORTH & IDENTITY. Together we can shape the way they interpret what is around them and help fuel positive emotions and feelings. It will help them grow into confident young adults that are more secure and happy, with a positive outlook on life. 

We believe children of all races need to be exposed to diversity in learning, play and entertainment. so they can grow up with a better and more informed understanding about RACE & DIVERSITY. Numerous scientific studies have shown that young children can see racial differences in people and can show racial biases at ages as young as four.